Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving On

WizenedWizard has had a good run. I really enjoyed creating this blog and watching it grow and develop over time.

At first, it was mine alone, but gradually others came to visit and a community developed. I "met" many good and interesting people, and the Wizard developed her own identity. There were the gnomes - notably Sigmund and Elizabeth - who could be observed or observers; fact and fiction were portrayed here, and the process got my creative juices flowing. It was fun.

Wiz tried to exit before, and to some extent she did, but I have come back a few times and written things that really aren't in the voice of my wizard personna. In truth, the somewhat fictionalized home in the forest had revealed its truths and told its tales; the game was over.

Recently I posted a couple of photography-related pieces. They tell where my head and heart are presently at, but they just don't fit with what the Wizened Wizard was. Rather than continue to water-down that feisty, sometimes foolish, wizened character who inhabits my woods, my home and my body, I've decided to bring this blog to a close. When winter comes and I can find more time to work on it, I intend to delete those posts which have strayed from "wizardry" and leave the blog in all its proper and appropriate glory. In the meantime...

...I have started another blog, a private one to chronicle my photographic career
. This blog is personal and probably of no interest to any of you. It will be a journal and documentation of the role of photography in my life. Pretty boring to anyone but me, but I want to record this journey. And of course I am still posting Shaman's poems and an occasional photo at Shaman and Wizard.

So say goodbye to the gentle wizard. It's been wonderful, and I thank you for reading my many ramblings over the years.

All that's good -