Wednesday, April 08, 2009


So here it is: spring. Actually, it's half-past spring, but the falling snow makes that hard to believe.

Since my last post, the biggest change in my life has been my return to full-time work. That sounds worse than it is because much of what I'm doing is photography and video work. No, it's not very creative stuff, but I do enjoy it. Today I filmed and photographed the H.R. director of a private not-for-profit agency that provides care for developmentally disabled people. It was nice to hear someone talk about the value of the work they do and to listen to him speak proudly of the many people employed by the agency. Kind of nice to know there are folks whose sense of self-worth comes from helping others, not from stock market gains.

With spring (when it REALLY comes), will come some non-work photography. Next week my Toronto chum arrives, and we'll be off "pootin' around the North Country," as she puts it. Then off to Washington, DC for Mr. Wizard's mother's 90th birthday. The last we heard, she had to be let in by the security guard in her building. She'd been out dancing until midnight!

I've had no time for blogging. I'm even way behind in email correspondence, but today, with a few minutes to kill before heading home from the office, I decided it was time to put a more seasonal background photo on the blog.

To any of my "old friends" in Bloggerville who might have been alerted to this post, my warmest greetings and wishes. I hold you in fond memories of fun, games and sometimes pretty serious stuff that we shared when I was blogging regularly.

Happy spring!